10 Country Songs That Will Make You Proud to Be An American

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It’s likely that you listen to patriotic music celebrating the greatness of America year-round, but there’s obviously no better time to really get your American pride listening ears on than on Independence Day! Crank up the stereo, wave your American flag and be proud of this great country of ours!

10 Country Songs That Will Make You Proud to Be An American:

1. “Color Me America” // Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton sings her soul out in this ballad, you may just stand a little bit taller and prouder by the end.

2. “This Land is Your Land” // Woody Guthrie

This is one of the most famous folk songs ever written. You just wanna pat your knee and tap your toes along with this 1940s tune.

3. “Battle of New Orleans” // Johnny Horton

This classic is a comical, light perspective on the Battle of New Orleans, written by Jimmy Driftwood. Many singers have covered it, but Johnny Horton’s version of this song became the most popular.

4. “Take Me Home Country Roads” // John Denver

Everyone of every age should be familiar with this song. It is the ultimate country anthem of pride for America.

5. “Arlington” // Trace Adkins

This song gives me goosebumps every time. It will remind you of the hardships that servicemen and military families go through, and how important it is to show gratitude for those who risk their lives for America. Those people fighting for our country need our support, so let’s give it to them this holiday weekend.

6. “Home” // Dierks Bentley

America is not perfect, but this is the place we call home and we will always be proud of this country.

7. “It’s America” // Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins paints the perfect picture of America, and the moments that make this country so special. “There is no place else”  that is a better place to build your life, and this song reminds us of a few of the many reasons why. From the man on the moon to kids sellin’ lemonade….these are things that make America so wonderful.

8. “Only in America” // Brooks And Dunn

Only in America can you dream big and fearlessly chase those big dreams. We all get a chance and equal opportunity to get out there and be somebody in America and Brooks & Dunn remind us of what a blessing that is.

9. “America” // Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings sits and strums his guitar as he croons about his love for this country. It’s a classic you just gotta hear.

10. “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” // Toby Keith

This song epitomizes the undeniable strength and bravery of the American way. There is nothing like the meaning behind the “Red, White and Blue” and Toby Keith makes that clear here. If the last nine songs didn’t fill you with pride, this one will definitely get you goin’.