11 (More) Country Music Stars if They Were Disney Characters


Once upon a time in a land called the Internet, Kacey Musgraves posted a photo of herself dressed as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast.” At that moment, all the land realized just how many country music stars look like classic Disney characters. And many, many months later, even more country music stars came to life as classic Disney characters.

11 (More) Country Music Stars if They Were Disney Characters:

Tinkerbell // RaeLynn

In spirit, attitude and small stature, RaeLynn is so Tinkerbell.

Rapunzel // Kelsea Ballerini

Beautifully long blonde hair and thousands of adoring fans? Could Kelsea Ballerini be any more like Disney’s girl with golden locks?

Prince Charming // Brad Paisley

Without the hat, Brad Paisley just needs a white horse. He is pretty charming.

Mowgli // Jake Owen

Pre-haircut, Jake Owen and Mowgli even shared dance moves.

The Madhatter // Zac Brown

Those hats and that smile– Zac Brown and his hat-wearing comrade are a lot alike.

Flynn Rider // Michael Ray

Michael Ray had to be the straight up inspiration for Flynn.

King Triton // Charlie Daniels

King of the sea and King of Southern country rock.

Wendy // Kimberly Schlapman (Little Big Town)

Kimberly Schlapman is the sweetest and cutest of them all, much like Wendy Darling.

John Smith // Keith Urban

Few people can pull off a hair part the way Keith Urban can. John Smith comes close.

Christopher Robin // Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes isn’t friends with any chubby bears, but he’s just as cute as Winnie’s pal.

Phoebus // Phillip Sweet (Little Big Town)

Right down to the goatee, Phillip Sweet and Phoebus are twinsies.

Image Source: UMG, BMLG, PR Photos, CMA, Disney Wiki, Jeremy Scott for CO

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