11 Things Most People Forget to Clean

11 Things Most People Forget to Clean

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Taking care of your home is a lot of work. It’s hard enough staying on top of the main things that require regular cleanings, such as the bathrooms and floors. Plus, who wants to spend time cleaning things that no one really sees anyway? We do, even though it is just like getting like getting your teeth cleaned. No one else may notice, but it sure feels great to you!

11 Things Most People Forget to Clean: 

1. The Underside of Your Couch Cushions

You only get one flip before that iced tea stain comes back to haunt you.

How to clean: Remove the cover and shake it out or simply vacuum it. Treat spots according to the manufacturer recommendations or if you are feeling particularly cleany – throw the covers in the washer.

2. Light Bulbs

Believe it or not, these little things are dust magnets! If you don’t believe us, just open up any fixture and take a peek.

How to clean: All you have to do is let the bulb cool and wipe with a dusting cloth.

3. Bed Skirt

There is a reason it is called a dust ruffle. Yep, they collect dust hopefully preventing it from getting under your bed.

How to clean: This is easy, just take it off and wash with the rest of your bedding every couple of months.

4. Silverware Drawers

How do all those crumbs make their way into this drawer anyway?

How to clean: Remove the organizer from the drawer, clean with hot water and a little bleach, let dry. If you have built-ins, just vacuum out the drawer then wipe it down.

5. Bath Mat

Moisture and your feet is not a good combination. It’s virtual breeding ground for mold and fungus.

How to clean: Throw it in the laundry at least once a week by itself. You may want to clean underneath as well.

6. Kitchen Trash Can

These things can get really funky after a while. Even if it looks clean, rest assured, it isn’t.

How to clean: Empty the can and rinse outside with a garden hose. Spray the inside and out with a disinfectant, let sit to kill the odor-causing bacteria then let dry.

7. Washing Machine

This is especially true for front-loading washers. The door is notorious for harboring slime and mold.

How to clean: Wipe the rubber gasket and glass after every load of laundry. Clean the detergent dispenser twice a month and make sure you leave the door slightly open between loads to let it air out.

8. Underneath The Stovetop

This is where all that missing pasta and olive oil lives.

How to clean: Prop it up with that handy propping stick, vacuum up all the large stuff and then wipe down with a kitchen cleaner.

9. Dishwasher

This seems a little odd for something that seems to wash itself every time you use it. But mold and bits of food do build up over time which cuts down on its effectiveness.

How to clean: Run it on a rinse cycle without dishes with half a cup of vinegar once a week.

10. Behind the Toilet

Caution: This may scare you when you look.

How to clean: Hire someone. Just kidding! Get a new toilet brush and use it to clean those tough to reach spots. Use a disinfectant for odor control.

11. Ceiling Fan Blades

Dust catchers is what these are! And you probably don’t really notice until you turn it on and dust ball fly everywhere.

How to clean: Grab your stepladder and simply place a pillowcase over the blad and drag it toward you so it catches the dust inside. Brilliant!




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