16 Confessions From People Who Are Obsessed With Eric Church

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Eric Church is crazy talented, crazy attractive and has some crazy fans. The ultra talented country singer, who is nominated for 2015 CMA Entertainer of the Year, has built up quite the dedicated fan-base over the years and most (all) of them are incredibly obsessed with him.

Honestly, we don’t blame them.

16 Confessions From People Who Are Obsessed With Eric Church:

1. When what Eric is saying is way more important than what your friend is saying.

2. When you publicly proclaim your love for Eric.

3. When an Eric playlist is the anthem of your life.

4. When Eric inspires you to drink.

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer.

5. When you publicly proclaim your love for Eric again.

6. When Eric makes you want to do this.

Us too, Christina.

7. When you’re more familiar with Eric songs than maybe even he is.

8. When you hear wedding bells ringing.

9. When you drive an extra five miles just to hear the end of an Eric song.


10. When Eric was a part of the best moment of your life.

11. When you want to get personal with Eric.

What exactly do you want to know Michelle?

12. When Eric is always on repeat.

13. When Eric inspires the way you dress.

Nice try though Craig.

14. When Eric will sing the song you walk down the aisle to.

15. When someone not being an Eric fan is a deal breaker.

16. When Eric wins over everything else.

Image Source: CMA