4 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You

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If you’re lucky, you have a hairstylist you know and trust that you’ve been going to for a while– they know what you like and dislike, and you trust them when they make recommendations on what to do (or what not to do) to your hair. But according to a recent segment on “Today,” if you’re going to a salon or certain stylist for a first time, there are some quick assessments they might make that will determine what recommendations they make for your haircut and color– no, it might not seem “fair,” but at least now you’ll know!

4 Things Your Hairstylist Won’t Tell You:

  1. “We look at your brows and your makeup– we might skip a more high-maintenance look if you’re more of a carefree spirit.” AKA, if you come in with no makeup and you’re wearing sweatpants, they might steer you away from getting a haircut that requires more effort.
  2. “I look at eye color and skin tone to see if it’s warm, cool, neutral and that will determine the color I do on the hair.” If you trust your hairstylist, you should let them help you decide your hair color and cut– they’ve gone through classes and training to know how to best pair hair colors with your skin color!
  3. “When you come in a smock, I can’t tell what you’re wearing- -but your shoes and your bag tell me what kind of style you have.” I honestly never would’ve thought of this, but it makes sense!
  4. If you’re wanting to get your hair colored or get a perm or straightening treatment, they might do what’s called an elasticity test. “You can do this at home– by pulling the hair, if it doubles its length, it’s fine but if it triples in length, it is going to pull to the point of breakage, and it wouldn’t be possible to have a chemical surface .