7 Things I Learned from “Sesame Street” and Country Music

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Sesame Street” is world-renown for teaching children important life lessons like stranger danger, recycling takes care of the Earth and in general, you should be nice to people. Country music also preaches those general messages, but only when country music superstars visit “Sesame Street” to impart wisdom.

7 Things I Learned from “Sesame Street” and Country Music:

1. “B” is the best letter.

According to the Dixie Chicks there’s  no better letter than “B.”

2. It’s okay to like “me.”

I listened to Mary Chapin Carpenter a lot growing up, but I didn’t learn how much I liked “me” until she told me it was okay.

3. Songs are important.

Sugarland told Elmo that all you need in life is a song. Actually, you can’t go wrong, all you need is a song. And apparently, they follow you around, too.

4. Use your imagination.

Martina McBride encouraged me to pretend. With your imagination you can be or do anything.

5. If you want to cross the street, hold someone’s hand.

Before Darius Rucker went solo, Hootie and the Blowfish warned of the dangers of crossing the street by yourself. I think this song would be more beneficial if it was about traveling alone and stopping at rest stops or something.

6. It’s okay to be friends with people who look different.

Garth Brooks is always bringing truth. It’s time we all branched out a little.

7. If your friend is far away, sing about it.

Trisha Yearwood love, love, loves someone — hint: it’s an alien.

Image Source: YouTube