7 Times Thomas Rhett Loved Christmas More Than You

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Thomas Rhett loves this time of year. He loves Christmas so much he prepares for it year-round, he wears special Christmas clothing and he helps decorate his house for the season like no man before him. It’s safe to say TR may even love Christmas more than you.

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7 Times Thomas Rhett Loved Christmas More Than You:

1. When he wore this Christmas suit and then asked his band to also wear Christmas suits.

2. When he decided to only drink out of a Mr. Claus mug for the entirety of the Christmas season.

3. When he helped his wife and this horse decorate their Christmas tree.

4. When he watched “The Santa Clause” with his wife and “not so little elf.”

5. When he wore this Christmas sweater before Thanksgiving.

6. When he went on the ultimate hunt to find Christmas cookies and then ate them all.

7. The time he sang “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” with Brett Eldredge as a special surprise for a very special fan.

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Image Source: Instagram