8 Funniest Country Music Songs

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The Country music industry is full of funny people. Reading Blake Shelton’s Twitter is proof enough. Or watching any of Brad Paisley’s music videos.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest country songs from the last 60 years:

1. “I’m Gonna Miss Her” // Brad Paisley

“Well, I love her, but I love to fish.” What a great opening to a song! Brad makes a difficult choice in this tune … between his favorite marine pastime or his lady. And the title tells you how it went. Fun fact: Brad’s now-wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, plays the overlooked girlfriend in the tune’s video.

2. “One Piece at a Time” // Johnny Cash

You can’t help but giggle as you listen to Johnny Cash sing this tale of getting a car from the factory at which he works for free … one piece at a time. It’s a classic that will always put a smile on your face. 

3. “Some Beach” // Blake Shelton

Now the situations that take place in the lyrics of this song aren’t all that funny. They’re pretty frustrating actually, but something about the way Blake Shelton sings about the unfortunate events and his “happy place” way of getting past them is so humorous. 

4. “Me Neither” // Brad Paisley

To have a funniest list and only have two Brad Paisley songs is doing good. The man has a knack for bringing humor and country music together. In this tune, his first single, he takes us through an unsuccessful pickup line in such a way that you can’t help but fall for him.

5. “One More Last Chance” // Vince Gill

It’s visual and it’s hysterical. His wife meets at the door with the “good book” in one hand and a rolling pin in the other and comedy ensues. Vince Gill won’t give up his good time in this tale … and goes so far as to break out the old John Deere when the wife takes his keys.

6. “That’s My Story” // Collin Raye

“You don’t know it, boy, but you just blew it,” are the words you never want to hear when you’re lying to your girl about where you’ve been. Collin Raye endeared himself to country audiences with this fun attempt at getting out of trouble with his significant other.

7. “Stripes” // Brandy Clark

Finding out your significant other is cheating on you by finding them in your bed with another isn’t funny. But keeping yourself from killing him or her because you don’t want to be caught dead in orange is hilarious. Just remember, no matter how mad you are, “one shot ain’t worth that mug shot.”

8. “What’s A Guy Gotta Do” // Joe Nichols

It’s a mixture of lyrics and the humor conveyed by Joe Nichols that make this song fun. We always hear women lamenting the difficulty of finding a man, so here’s Joe’s take on finding a partner.


Image Source: YouTube