9 Beauty Mistakes Women Over 50 Should Avoid

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If you fall into this age group, you are well aware that the beauty rules you swore by in your early years no longer apply. You’ve had to change things up a bit. And sadly, contrary to what the girls at the beauty counter may tell you, that miracle cream is not going to make your skin look like it did at 20.

So rather than trying to recapture your youth, enhance what you have. Be you, only better.

9 Beauty Mistakes Women Over Should Avoid: 

1. Not paying attention to your skin.

First and foremost, you have to make sure your skin is in the best it can be. Keep in mind that the better your skin is, the less makeup you’ll need.

2. Skipping out on beauty sleep.

We’ve harped on this before, but as you get older, it becomes more important. Sleep is when our skin repairs itself and a lack of it will show.

3. Wearing lipstick that is too dark.

Aging sucks the fullness right out of our lips making them look thin. A dark lip color accentuates and draws attention to this lips where a lighter color will make them appear full.

4. Using a concealer that is too light.

A light concealer will emphasize wrinkles and no one wants that. Use one close to your natural skin tone and apply with a light hand.



5. Using powder blush. 

Powder blush ends up sinking into the lines on your cheeks which will leave blush streaky and uneven. Use a cream blush instead.

6. Not making the most of your gray hair.

You’ve earned that gray hair, now make it shine! Gray hair is coarse hair and should be treated as such. Also, use products designed to bring out the best in your gray to keep them bright.

7. Not having your brows done professionally. 

You don’t have to do this every single time, but when skin begins to sag, it takes a professional to get the arch right. You can always take care of stragglers in between, but leave it to the pros after age 50.

8. Skipping a primer before applying foundation.

A primer is the secret to flawless makeup application. Use it all over your face, eyelids included, to help makeup stay where you want it.

9. Not wearing a sunscreen on your face, daily. 

The only thing that ages our skin more than smoking is the UVA rays from the sun. They are present from sun-up to sun-down making a sunscreen a must. Whether it is in your moisturizer or makeup or you simply apply a facial sunscreen, just use it every day. No exceptions.

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