9 Adorable Hairstyles That Will Make You Want to Chop Your Hair Off

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I’ve been growing out my hair for about two years now, and it’s officially the longest it’s ever been. Coincidentally, it’s also the hardest to maintain that it’s ever been, too. I’ve been getting that “itch” to chop my hair off for a while now, and now that I’ve found these cute cuts, I think I’m actually going to visit my hairstylist and take the plunge (and you should, too).

9 Adorable Short Haircuts That Will Make You Want to Chop Your Hair Off:


Can you imagine how easy it would be to get ready in the morning with this chop?


I love Lucy Hale’s short hair– and also, those brows.


If you have wavy hair, a short chop like this is so easy to maintain.


Who doesn’t love a good long bob??


An a-line bob doesn’t have to be dramatic! I love the look of this slight a-line (and the color).


What is it about before and after photos that are so satisfying?


Though the Kardashian’s hair seems to change day-by-day, I love Khloe’s simple shoulder-length bob.


Another cut that would be so easy to maintain every day! Curl a few pieces, tease it a bit, and your’e done!


This one isn’t quite shoulder length but isn’t quite chin-length either– it’s a perfect medium.