Illustrated Bibles Do A Great Job Describing Social Media Struggles

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For centuries illustrations have helped people learn the Bible. Stained glass taught peasants Bible stories and theology and many of us who grew up in church learned from illustrated Bible. Now, in the world of memes we now call home, those illustrated Bibles have taken on a new purpose: making jokes about social media struggles.

It all started when a Twitter user found an old illustrated story of Saint Paul

If you grew up in church, you probably had an illustrated Bible or something like this.

Then it turned fun.

Also when you find out who’s been eating your lunch at work.

“When a man types ‘THREAD'”

If you don’t want me to read something, write “THREAD”

“When I’m in the group DM discussing the ongoing beef”


“When two men spend four hours arguing in your mentions and you long for death”

Or when a couple gets into a fight in public near me and I long for death

“When you mute everyone and run away from a spicy take”


“Me when people start talking about Christmas in October “

Seriously, stop it.