Blake Shelton Songs I Can’t Listen to Anymore

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Hold your horses– this isn’t another Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert divorce speculation piece. It’s actually more of a PSA– a warning to all fans of country music.

The other day I was driving around and Blake‘s “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” came on the radio. Normally, I listen to this tune and sing along and don’t think about it at all. But, this recent playing of the 2008 hit almost had me in tears. She is gone and I’m afraid Blake isn’t, “Going any place she might go beating on the dash / Screaming out her name at the windshield tears soaking up my face.” I can’t listen to any Blake songs these days, unless I want to start sobbing uncontrollably. Minus “Kiss My Country Ass,” obviously that song fits into any and all occasions.

Blake Shelton Songs I Can’t Listen to Anymore:

“God Gave Me You”

Blake once said he heard this song on the radio (Dave Barnes originally recorded it and released it to Christian radio) and had to pull over. Same here.

“Mine Would Be You”

Probably still is her.

“Honey Bee”

Louisiana and Mississippi probably don’t like each other that much anyway.

“Doin’ What She Likes”

Actually, I’m kind of glad I don’t have to listen to this song anymore– Blake definitely doesn’t call in sick to work. Also, can we finally address just what in the hell a watermelon candle is?

“She Wouldn’t Be Gone”

These lyrics. Everything is so sad. 

If I hadn’t been so stubborn, been so selfish

Thought about her more, thought about me less

Joked and maked her laugh, held her when she cried

She warned me it was coming said if I didn’t change

She was leaving

I just didn’t believe she would ever really walk out,

God, I believe her now

Called her mamma, cried like a baby to her best friend

If they’ve seen her, they ain’t sayin, they ain’t sayin…

Now, I’m cursing like a fool, praying it ain’t too late

All I wanna do is fix my mistakes.

“Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”

No, who are you!


Miranda’s backing vocals only make this one hurt even more.


And I’m still upset about it. 

Also, don’t and I mean, do not listen to Miranda’s “Holding On to You,” even though it’s one of the best songs she has ever written. 

Image Source: CMA