Country Music Stars and Their Kids’ Unique Names

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People love to make fun of the names that Hollywood stars give their children. Pilot Inspector, North West, Apple. There are some gems out there. Country singers, who often mingle and mate with the Hollywood elite, are much more of a mixture when it comes to naming their little ones. Inspiration can come from a variety of places whether that is country icons or family ones.

Keith Urban‘s oldest became Sunday because her father considers Sunday’s to be the loneliest day. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill‘s daughter Audrey inherited name from her mother whose full name is Audrey Faith. Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott decided to honor both her and her husband’s mothers when naming her daughter Eisele (her mother-in-law’s maiden name) Kaye (her mother’s middle name). Rascal Flatts’ Joe Don Rooney’s admiration for the Rolling Stones will always be remembered by his son Jagger.

Country singers are even aware of the implications of their children’s names. Jake Owen originally wanted to name his daughter Pearl Olive Owen, but opted to switch her first and middle names to avoid giving her the initials POO. Good call, Jake. Good call.

In general, country singers name their kiddos a vast range of names. Some have religious meaning, others sound like the main characters of your favorite Western.

Country Music Stars and Their Kids’ Unique Names:

Faith Margaret (Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman)

Sunday Rose (Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman)

Audrey Caroline (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)

Gracie Katherine (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)

Maggie Elizabeth (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)

Cash Van (Dave Haywood)

Eisele Kaye (Hillary Scott)

Olive Pearl (Jake Owen)

Boone McCoy (Eric Church)

Jordan Katherine (Dierks Bentley)

Evelyn “Evie” Day (Dierks Bentley)

Knox (Dierks Bentley)

Raquel Blue (Joe Don Rooney)

Jagger Donovan (Joe Don Rooney)

Joni (Zac Brown)

Lucy (Zac Brown)

Georgia (Zac Brown)

Justice (Zac Brown)

Alexander Frost (Zac Brown)

Thomas “Bo” Boyer (Luke Bryan)

Tatum Christopher (Luke Bryan)

Colt (John Rich)

Cash (John Rich)

Lincoln William Holiday (Big Kenny Alphin)

Dakota Jefferson Holiday (Big Kenny Alphin)

West (Randy Houser)

Takoda (Lee Brice)

Ryker (Lee Brice)


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