Country Music’s Most Unique Middle Names

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Sometimes you start on a story and you end up at the bottom of a rabbit’s hole. This is the perfect example of one of those stories. This is not a complete list of country singer’s names, because that would take far too long to compile. Instead this is a look at the most unique names of current popular or iconic country singers.

For instance, did you know that Hank Williams’ real name was Hiram King? And who would’ve guessed that Patsy Cline was actually Virginia Patterson Hensley? Some singers opt to change their names entirely, why others choose to go by nicknames.

Trisha is a play on Ms. Yearwood’s first name, Patricia. Jay DeMarcus, is a junior — which is obviously where the Jay comes from — because his real name is Stanley Wayne. Luke Bryan is actually Thomas Luther, with Luke apparently coming from his middle name. Then there are conventional nicknames, Kenny is short for Kenneth, Chris is short for Christopher and Tim is short for Timothy.

Some singers opt to be referred to by their middle names. Can you imagine cheering for one of the best-selling artists of all time, Troyal Brooks? Thanks you for using your middle name, Garth. How about Kenny Church? Or Ken Church? Eric Church would need an entirely new person to use his first name. Dierks always faces questions about the origin of his name, but would you rather get an autograph from Frederick Bentley? Freddie Bentley? Me neither.

Let’s also thank Rhett Atkins and Thomas Rhett for making things easy on us. The senior’s name is Thomas Rhett Atkins and he named the younger, his son, the same thing. So Rhett took the back half of the name and Thomas took the front half. Solves any confusion right there. Jason Aldean chose a similar route by dropping his last name, Williams, and rewriting his middle name Aldine.

As for folks with interesting middle names, there is an ample supply. Tollison and Odessa are my personal favorites, belonging to Blake Shelton and Jennifer Nettles respectively. Lionel isn’t unique as much as it just doesn’t seem like it would be associate with Keith Urban.

Country Music’s Most Unique Middle Names:

Blake Tollison Shelton

Reba Nell McEntire

Miranda Leigh Lambert

Thomas Luther Bryan

Jason Aldine Williams

Hiram King Williams

Virginia Patterson Hensley

Kenneth Eric Church

Audrey Faith Perry

Troyal Garth Brooks

Stanley Wayne DeMarcus, Jr.

Kenneth Arnold Chesney

Carrie Marie Underwood

Joshua Ryan Owen

Christopher Alan Young

Keith Lionel Urban

Jana Rae Kramer

Jennifer Odessa Nettles

Kristian Merrill Bush

Patricia Lynn Yearwood

Frederick Dierks Bentley

Samuel Timothy McGraw

Brad Douglas Paisley

Thomas Rhett Atkins, Jr.

Thomas Rhett Atkins, Sr.

Image Source: PR Photos, Jeremy Scott for CO, UMG

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