Dax Shepherd Has Given Up On Trying To Make His Two-Year Old Behave


The life change that occurs when a parent goes from having one child to having two is cataclysmic. That may be an understatement. It doesn’t get twice as hard, it gets exponentially harder to keep up with two little ones. Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are living proof of this and their second child is their wild one. It has become so bad that Dax has almost given up on trying to make her behave. Been there, Dax. I’ve been there.


Dax told a story about his two-year-old who refuses to stay in bed. Instead of being the typical TV parent, talking about how well they did at resolving the situation, Dax opened up about a low moment in parenting when he threatened to throw away all her Paw Patrol toys if she got out of bed again.

But his girl is a stone cold negotiator. She stared at her father, holding all of the toys, ready to throw them in the trash and said, “You missed one.”

Sorry dad, looks like you’re gonna have to ….

Jordan Keller
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