A Horse Trainer Proved Super 8 Has A Very Friendly Pet Policy

A Horse Trainer Proved Super 8 Has A Very Friendly Pet Policy

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Lindsey Partridge, also known as the Canadian horse whisperer, was checking into a Kentucky motel when she heard the woman in front of her ask about a pet policy. It was normal for small pets to share a room in the Super 8, but Partridge wanted to see how far the policy would go. When she asked if the policy would cover her horse, the woman behind the desk said, “Aw, I wouldn’t mind. You could do that.” So Partridge went to her trailer and brought her retired thoroughbred racing horse Blizz into the lobby.

Partridge is on a mission with her horse training program, Harmony Horsemanship, to prove that horses are not the “crazy, hot-headed, and unruly” animals they are often made out to be. She takes every opportunity she can to show how well behaved horses can be.

The video and pictures were staged for fun and show how proper training can calm and acclimate a horse to people and their environment.

After watching his first TV show, Blizz went to his more traditional and comfortable accomidations and the Kentucky Horse Park.

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