Justin Timberlake Says His Son “Will Never Play Football” During A Super Bowl Event

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Justin Timberlake, the halftime performer at this year’s Super Bowl, just told the press at the event that he will never let his son play football. Of course, it is none of our business what he lets his son do. But as an entertainer hired by the NFL, an organization under scrutiny for not caring about their player’s health, the off-hand comment carries added weight into an already heated discussion.

During a meeting with the press, Justin Timberlake said his son, “will never play football.” Timberlake had just mentioned that his son was fast and could run 100 yards faster than he could have thought. When asked if his son will play football, Timberlake responded quickly adding, “My main objective is that he become a great person, and if he wants to get into the arts or sports then, yeah, I would fully support that.”

Football is a cultural event in the South, but parents have started to question the Saturday ritual since the startling information came out concerning the long-term mental damage that can be done to children who start playing at an early age. The NFL has acknowledged the damage the sport can do to a player’s mental health and has vowed to make the game safer.

However, their verbal commitment rings hollow. The NFL just signed a multi-billion dollar contract with Fox to cover Thursday night games a scheduling practice players have protested all season. The early week games cause more injuries and make the game much less safe for players who now have less time to rest between games.

Even if the NFL doesn’t believe the science, parents do and are steadily pulling their sons out of the sport. Even Timberlake, who grew up in Memphis and claims he could still run some routes Sunday if the Patriots need him. If anything, this is a bad look for the NFL. It would be like KFC hired a Vegan to be their spokesperson.

The NFL right now:


On a lighter note, he loves Tom Brady’s hair.