After Disney Reveals Beyonce Will Star in Live-Action Version of “Lion King,” SNL Showed the Celebrities That Tried Out and Didn’t Make the Cut

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Disney recently revealed the cast for the company’s live action remake of the 1994 animated classic, “The Lion King.” Beyonce is set star as Nala, with Donald Glover filling in the role of Simba. James Earl Jones will return as Mufasa.

Of course, the Internet was abuzz upon the news. Most people ignored the cast announcements to focus on Beyonce. (Who run the world? Beyonce and maybe, Disney. A little.)

After revealing the rest of the cast (Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, Alfre Woodard as Simba’s mother, Sarabi, John Oliver as Zasu, and John Kani as Rafiki with Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner as Simba’s friends Pumbaa and Timon. For the trio of hyena henchmen, Disney has enlisted Florence Kasumba, Eric André, and Keegan-Michael Key.), “Saturday Night Live” revealed a full others who tried out for the remake.

Kit Harington couldn’t quite nail Simba, LL Cool J didn’t nail his lines for Pumba, but Oprah could probably pull off Rafiki if we let her, right?

“The Lion King” has an official release date of July 19, 2019.