Old Man Shoots AT&T Trucks With A Revolver After They Drive On His Lawn


AT&T pushed a retired Florida firefighter to the breaking point after refusing to move away from his driveway. Repairmen were working on power lines, Jorge Jove grabbed his gun and began to fire bullets into the tires and engines of two bucket trucks.

“Get of my lawn, you–you automobile!”

Jove was later arrested and released on bail. neighbors describe him as “the nicest old man” and he has since apologized for going “bananas.” Jove has also made formal complaints in the past of AT&T trucks damaging his driveway.

Look, we all know that cable companies are brutally inefficient and treat their customers like old gum, but resorting to destruction of property is the absolute worst way to make things change. The repairmen are just doing their jobs, as are customer service reps. But maybe, just maybe, if you actually showed up between 10-2, didn’t price gouge us for every tiny thing, gave us routers that work, and generally didn’t disdain the fact that your customers exist we wouldn’t be on the brink of insanity when you showed up.

Dusty Sullivan
A southern fella whose roots are in The Natural State and heart is in the outdoors

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