People Are Taking The Unicorn Hair Trend To Another Level

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We already thought unicorn hair was pretty out there, but this just takes the cake: girls are now creating actual unicorn horns with their unicorn hair. Yes, you read that right.

We’ve gathered some photos of the trend as well as two tutorials in case this is something you absolutely need in your life. There are several different methods to creating your own unicorn horn, so the right one for you is definitely out there.

This could be a fun look for Halloween, a music festival… or just every day, if that’s how you roll.

Horn and Ponytail


Blond Mane

Get ready for it, Unicorn Horns. Could this prove to be dangerous? #ManicMonday #unicornhair #follow #followme #f4f

A photo posted by Salon Solutions (@salonsolutionsaustralia) on


Pantone Color-of-the-Year Inspired


Neon Horn

Crazy Hair Day Unicorn style:). #unicornhair #crazyhairday #mylittlepony #secretkeepergirls

A photo posted by Dana Plummer (@beautyandverses) on


Yellow and Green


Subtle and Silly

Voilà. Je suis à la pointe des tendances il fallait que je me lance!! #licorne #unicornhair

A photo posted by AlloMamanDodo (@allomamandodo) on


DIY Unicorn Hair Tutorial: Magical Hair Style

This tutorial is perfect if you want to use only your real hair for the horn. You’ll need unicorn-colored yarn, a foam cone, hair elastics and bobby pins.

Unicorn Hair Style Tutorial

This yellow and green hairstyle is actually pictured above. If you want to use some hair extensions to get the look, this tutorial is perfect for you. You’ll need hair extensions, hair elastics and bobby pins.

Image source: Instagram