The One Song You Can’t Miss This Week: Cam’s “Burning House”


Cam is hard to miss. The bubbly Californian has a smile as big as her home state, hair comparable to Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town and is almost always in yellow. She’s also the singer-songwriter behind a song you can’t afford to miss.

“Burning House” is personal and raw, vocally and throughout the story. Cam’s emotional performance is the spark that has lit this burning house and is only backed by piano, faint strings (until the final bar) and light guitar. The story is one we all know–  heartbreak, but with a twist– Cam seems to be the one has done the wrong in the relationship.

I’ve been sleepwalking

Been wandering all night

Trying to take what’s lost and broken

Make it right

I’ve been sleepwalking

Too close to the fire

But it’s the only place that I can hold you tight

In this burning house

The flames are getting bigger now

In this burning house

I can hold on to you somehow

In this burning house

Oh when I don’t want to wake up

In this burning house

“Burning House” follows “My Mistake” off the EP, Welcome to Cam Country. Though “My Mistake” didn’t quite have the success Cam had hoped, “Burning House” is already making a lot of noise in Nashville.

For the record, Cam did let Kelsea Ballerini sing those really quiet BGVs.

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