Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Break First” Exudes Sexual Tension

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are offering the song “Break First” from their upcoming duets album, The Rest of Our Life, when fans pre-order the new album due out Nov. 17.

The amorous couple announced their first-ever collaborative album on their 21st Wedding anniversary in Oct, along with the release of their second single, “The Rest of Our Life.”

“Break First,” the third song available from the duets album, follows previous releases “Speak To A Girl” and the title track. The husband and wife duo debuted the new song live while out on their 2017 Soul2Soul Tour to the delight of fans. They studio version is now available.

In the new tune, Tim and Faith take on the role of ex-lovers who run into each other at a bar and wonder who is going to make the first move, admitting that they want to reconcile the love they once had.

For fans of Tim and Faith, as a couple and as performers, this song is exactly what you want to hear from them. Faith is at her best vocally and Tim’s lower register compliments his wife on every note. As Faith’s stunning vocals kick off the sultry song, you can just feel the sexual tension between the two as the song increases intensity during the chorus.

“You or me baby who’s gonna break first / you or me baby who’s gonna break first / who’s gonna walk up and say hi then lean in a little too close to whose lips say what the hell are we doing / You and me baby who’s gonna break first,” the couple sings in the chorus.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, The Rest of Our Life Track Listing:

1. “The Rest of Our Life”
2. “Telluride”
3. “The Bed We Made”
4. “Cowboy Lullaby”
5. “Break First”
6. “Love Me to Lie”
7. “Sleeping in the Stars”
8. “Damn Good at Holding On”
9. “Devil Callin’ Me Back”
10. “Speak to a Girl”
11. “Roll the Dice”