This Facebook Group Proves The Mailman Is One Of Your Dog's Best Friends

This Facebook Group Proves The Mailman Is One Of Your Dog’s Best Friends

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Whoever said dogs hate mailmen was wrong. Sean McCarren has been working for UPS for almost two decades and has so much fun with the dogs he meets on his route that he started a Facebook group to show them to the world. He found that other drivers have their own special dogs on their routes and started sharing their pictures. Now, UPS DOGS is one of the cutest picture groups on Facebook.

“I wish we could just hang out with families and their dogs all day, but it’s just not feasible,” McCarren told Buzzfeed.

I mean, just look at how excited Max was to meet Sean. He can barely stand it.

But max isn’t the only one trying to meet a driver.

I really hope this isn’t their guard dog.

Another celebrity sighting

Just look at that face!



Wait a second…

Some of them even stick around to help.

But all they really want is to share some love.

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