Walmart Is Giving An Insane Amount Of Money To Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

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Puerto Rico is at the beginning of a long road to recovery after a disastrous hurricane season. Many people still do not have medical supplies, drinking water, electricity, work, or reliable sources for food. Walmart is the largest private employer on the island, employing around fifteen thousand people, and they are not standing by during this trying time. Through corporate giving, personal donations, and partnering with “The Tonight Show” Walmart is giving millions of dollars to rebuilding the US Territory.

Walmart has corporately given $5 million to disaster relief and is working with FEMA and local authorities in multiple ways to restore power and access to clean water to the people of Puerto Rico. They are even using their corporate jets to fly insulin to the island for diabetic persons without access to the life saving medicine.

Walmart just announced their partnership with “The Tonight Show” to give an additional $1 million to disaster relief and a public campaign seeking to raise an additional $2 million. Through the month of October Walmart will give $2 for every $1 given up to $1 million. If they reach their goal, Walmart, “The Tonight Show”, and you can get $8 million dollars to Puerto Rico.

To give, visit The Miami Foundation