This Dad Had Some Strong Feelings When His Wife Suggested They Buy A Fake Christmas Tree

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There is a war during Christmas between those with fake Christmas trees and those who know the difference between a Douglas Fir and a Blue Spruce. The “real tree” group is holding on for dear life as the fake tree clan gives up and uses plastic trees and Glade plug-ins to cover their treachery. To say it is a sore spot for them would be an understatement. So it is no surprise that when one man’s wife suggested they go fake that he had some strong feelings.

One Twitter user filmed her father’s reaction when his mother stated her decision to buy a fake tree for Christmas. For those who believe in real trees, this is all too relatable.

Such betrayal.

His face while she talks about buying a pine-scented candle is priceless

He goes through the entire cycle of grief and loss.


“You can’t be serious.”


“How could you do this?”


“Surely, I can change her mind.”


“No, I can never change her mind. I will never see a real tree again.”


Actual quote: “I don’t know what’s happened to you, but I know I can’t solve it.”

But the story did have a happy ending.

And so, temporary peace reigns until next year when the entire debate will happen again.