People On Twitter Are Not Happy About This Person’s Pizza Topping of Choice

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You’ve probably heard people talking about their either strong love or serious hate for pineapple being used as a pizza topping– but one Twitter user has taken things to the next level by posting a picture of their favorite pizza topping: Strawberries.

Twitter user @moonemoji tweeted out a picture of their pizza they ordered that appears to be a plain cheese pizza topped with strawberry slices that almost look like pepperonis at first glance (which would be a horrible prank, by the way). The caption on the photo read, “Strawberries>>Pineapples.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people having their own opinions, and as someone with very particular taste, I can understand and appreciate everyone’s unique tastebuds. But this? I don’t know about this. In fact, even though I don’t particularly love pineapple on my pizza, I think I’d choose that over this.

Of course, people on Twitter are having a conniption, because something needed to be said– and honestly, it’s kind of hilarious.

Of course, @moonemoji had to respond to all of the haters, which was equally as hilarious as the criticism.

You keep doing you, @moonemoji.