Song Suffragettes: Introducing Karli Chayne

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If you’ve been following our Song Suffragettes series, you have been introduced to so many young female talents already. This all female singer-songwriter series happens Monday nights at The Listening Room in Nashville, but we’re bringing the girls to you here on Country Outfitter Style!

This week meet Karli Chayne from Bolivar, Missouri. Karli has been in the spotlight since she was two years old when she performed with her family at The Opry Show in Tightwad, Missouri.

FavoriteMemory: “Performing in the trio, “Little Chicks” with her sister and cousin. They chose their name because they loved the Dixie Chicks!

Make the trip to Nashville if you can, and keep supporting the mission to #LetTheGirlsPlay!

Karli wears: Eight Second Angel’s Sweetheart Boot

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