If you live in the south, winters aren't unbearably cold, but they can still get pretty uncomfortable at times. If you're further north, you might have more tools to deal with frigid temperatures, but you've also got even colder temperatures to contend with. Regardless of how cold it gets where you live, we can all agree that we'd like to stay warm during the chilly months. Here are some easy ways to combat the cold.

1. Buy a space heater.

This one seems like a no brainer, but it's often overlooked. Older houses don't run very efficiently, even with a new heating unit. This means colder downstairs areas, freezing floors, and draftier rooms. Fortunately, you can combat this by heating up a particularly cold area with a space heater. Your energy bill might take a small hit, but it's worth it for the comfort.

2. Use a heated blanket (or multiple blankets).

Whether you're curling up on the couch for that movie, trying to stay warm at your computer, or going to bed, blankets are always welcome. Pile tons of them on top of your bed to save on the heat at night, or use a heated blanket at the office to stay warm. It really works.

3. Block doorway and window gaps.

Poorly sealed doorways and windows can lead to higher energy bills, cooler temperatures, and draftier homes. Fight this by placing cloth near the gaps, and make sure all gaps are properly caulked. Your home and your bill will thank you.

4. Have a hot drink.

Break out that coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Seriously, if you're too chilly, nothing warms you up as well as a hot drink. Keep a supply of ingredients around for different hot drinks, and sip something warm on the next cold night.

5. Do housework.

We know, it's not particularly exciting. But staying busy around the house can warm your body enough to avoid being huddled under a million blankets. The bonus? Your house is clean and relaxing when you're done.

6. Use thick curtains.

Thick curtains can help fight poorly insulated windows (which happen often in older houses). We usually only think of thick curtains during the summer, when we're hoping to shut out sunlight for a movie or for afternoon naps. But those thick curtains can work wonders for keeping the warm air inside your house. Try them out.

7. Use a ceiling fan.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling fans can actually help to warm your home during the winter. If you've got fans, make sure they're running clockwise for cold months. This helps to blow the warm air down and into the room, rather than encouraging it to swirl around the ceiling. You should be able to change the direction with a small switch, usually located near the light bulb sockets. Turn it on low and reap the benefits.

Jason Aldean

You HAVE to Watch Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Chris Stapleton and Little Big Town Sing Tom Petty's "Won't Back Down" During CMT Artists of the Year Celebration

During a night that CMT was supposed to celebrate the individual accomplishment of five artists that had big-time, celebration worthy years, they opted for low-key spot moments and instead, turned the attention to fans across the country who are suffering. Namely, Las Vegas shooting victims and the tragic events that took place during the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

As Jason Aldean was set to be honored, Luke Bryan took the stage to not only talk about Aldean's successful singles, albums and tours, but the fact that he was the one on stage in Las Vegas that night. And he's the one who has decided to endure and fight on.

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Keith Urban

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Were the World's Sweetest Couple on the Red Carpet Before CMT Artists of the Year Celebration

In a world where we could all use a little more love, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman seem to always have some to share with everyone. When these two walk onto a red carpet Otis Redding's "Try A Little Tenderness" automatically starts playing in my head. Because there's not a more loving or tender couple around.

Urban was being honored as one of the 2017 CMT Artists of the Year and of course, Kidman was right by his side supporting her "amazing, supportive, gorgeous husband who [she] loves more than anything in the world."

Just look at this photo.

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"The Voice" Announces The Return Of A Fan Favorite Coach For Season 14

The 13th season of "The Voice" is just starting to heat up but that isn't stopping the show from hyping up next season. The 14th season of "The Voice" will be competing with the resurrected "American Idol" anchored by judges Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. To compete, "The Voice" stole away "Idol" alum Kelly Clarkson, putting her in one of the rotating chairs alongside Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. But the fourth judge's chair was still empty. It was until yesterday, when they announced a fan favorite would return to judge once again.

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Katy Perry Gets Stuck Mid-Air As Prop Malfunctions During Nashville Concert

Katy Perry gathered her fans—affectionately called Katy Cats—at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Wednesday night (Oct. 18) for her Witness World Tour.

The show was moving along smoothly until suddenly there was a glitch. While Perry was flying high above the crowd on an oversized replica of the planet Saturn, singing "Thinking of You," the flying prop was supposed to drop her down to the stage. Only this time, she wasn't descending. The planet malfunctioned and left Katy hanging in mid-air for a brief moment.

The 32-year-old handled the mishap like the pro she is, talking and joking with the crowd. "I'm really stuck. This is the first time I've been stuck in space", Katy said as she lingered in the air. "I could be stuck here forever. What should I do, should I tell some jokes, should I tell some stories, should I just sing another song."

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Ruston Kelly Showed Off His Impressive Competitive Figure Skating During Wedding Reception with Kacey Musgraves

Before Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly met and fell in love and even before they were acclaimed songwriters in Nashville, they had two pretty interesting things going for them. Kacey was a world-renowned yodeler and Ruston was a competitive figure skater.

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A Fancy California Restaurant 'Proudly' Resells Popeye's Chicken As Its Own

Look, I love a good brunch. You just can't beat an excellent late breakfast. But brunch is getting pretty out of hand. Restaurants are going crazy trying to keep up and compete for brunchers. I have seen restaurants put whole slabs of bacon, shrimp, and even a sandwich in their Bloody Mary. Now, a fancy brunch spot in Long Beach, California has been outed for reselling Popeye's fried chicken in their "famous" $13 chicken and waffles. The owner proudly responded %95 of their menu is made in house.

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Anna Faris Says She and Chris Pratt Truly Love and Adore Each Other

It seems like Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have turned their #CoupleGoals into #DivorceGoals? No, that's not a thing, but treating the person you shared a huge part of your life with with love and respect is definitely a thing and Faris and Pratt are doing it.

After 8 years of marriage and one child together, Pratt and Faris announced their separation in August via social media, sharing, "Anna and I are sad to announce we are legally separating. We tried hard for a long time, and we're really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another."

Since then, the two have only spoken highly of the other and Faris has taken it to the next level during a recent interview with People.

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[Listen] One Country Podcast: Las Vegas, Jason Aldean, And A Way Forward

We talk about what it was like inside the country music industry in the ten days since the Las Vegas shooting. Then, Drew went to Jason Aldean's first show back and was surprised by what he found.

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Woman Pranks Husband By Pretending To Adopt A Coyote and He Lost His Mind

Photoshop is wonderful thing, especially if you enjoy a good prank. Kayla Eby knows this and also has habit of adopting random animals. So, when she told her husband that she adopted a "cute little dog," which was really a coyote, he took the bait-- hook, line, and sinker. All she had to do was Photoshop a few pictures and act ignorant.

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