Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Valentine’s Day

With each passing year, comes another group of celebrities going on all out for Valentine’s Day — and this year is no different. So, while you were sipping wine, eating chocolate and hanging out with your significant other, these celebrities were, well, doing the same thing. Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Valentine’s Day: 1. … Read more

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30 Celebrities Who Freaked Out Over Meeting the “Stranger Things” Cast

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The New “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” Preview Is Giving Me Heart Palpatations

In case you missed it, a new “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” preview came out recently, and it’s like, “YAAASSS.” Basically, it has me so excited that I am now obsessively counting down the days until November 25 (oh, that’s the release date) and planning to take off work the entire week after … Read more

Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour Switched Jobs For a Day and It Was Even Funnier Than You’d Imagine

While hanging out recently, comedian Amy Schumer and editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour got on the subject of the pressures of being a world-famous comedian and the ultimate style guru. What started out as a cool conversation about how Anna truly respects what Amy does for a living and how Amy equally respects what Anna … Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Gets Super Candid During Interview, Says She Needs a Man

Jennifer Lawrence is single, but she doesn’t really mingle. Responding with, “what dating life?” when asked about her dating life during an interview with “Extra.” Things got even more revealing when the interviewer asked if she was kidding and she said, “No, I’m not, it’s really sad. I haven’t felt the touch of a man … Read more

Amy Schumer Hilariously Reacts to Jennifer Lawrence Interviews

In case you haven’t heard, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and comedic genius Amy Schumer have become quite good friends over the past year — and, in the process, have basically redefined everyone’s definition of #BestFriendGoals. They’re also good friends with pop queen Adele, making them even cooler. View this post on Instagram IM ENCHANTED BY … Read more

10 Things Every American Loves According to Bud Light, Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen

As America heads to the polls to find a new President of the United States, Bud Light is trying to unify the country under one party, the Bud Light Party. The new political group is being lead by Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen and they just want to remind Americans that we aren’t a nation … Read more

29 Celebrities Perform Lines from the Iconic Movie “Gone with the Wind” (and It’s Awesome)

  In a new and incredible video series by W Magazine called “Casting Call,” actors are asked to recite famous movie lines that are usually delivered by someone of the opposite sex. This time, a slew of 29 actors including Amy Schumer, Kristen Wiig, Eddie Redmayne and Samuel L. Jackson, deliver lines from the classic southern movie … Read more

Amy Schumer Told Jennifer Lawrence to “Shut Up” During Her Golden Globes Win

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