Chris Pratt Made Anna Faris a ‘Love-Making Mixtape’ and She Really Didn’t Like It

It turns out, Chris Pratt is human. He just plays a superhero on TV. Pratt is such a regular human that during an appearance on “The Late Show,” he told Stephen Colbert all about his superior mixtape skills. Which, his wife Anna Faris isn’t impressed with. At all. Pratt told Colbert, “I made one for … Read more

Anna Faris Live-Tweeted an Entire Day of What It’s Like to Be on a Press Tour with Chris Pratt

Over the last couple of years, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris have really emerged as one of those normal Hollywood couples. You know, people you might want to hang out with sometime. Mainly, it seems like they do normal things and have some real perspective on this whole celebrity lifestyle, but also they do weird … Read more

Chris Pratt’s Sweet Instagram Tribute to His Wife and Son Will Make You Fall in Love With Him Even More

Chris Pratt is one hell of a funny guy, but he’s also a sincere one. Most recently, Pratt has been on a press tour for “Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2” and a stop in Tokyo had him up during the wee hours of the morning thinking about his blessings. Pratt started with a sweet … Read more

Anna Faris Says Husband Chris Pratt “Likes to Harvest His Own Meat”

In my mind, actor Chris Pratt is the perfect package. He’s good-looking (and by that, I mean damn sexy), he’s funny, he’s talented, he’s a family man and, apparently, he’s an excellent provider — of meats. During a recent interview with Conan, actress and wife Anna Faris revealed that Chris likes to “harvest his own … Read more