Corinne Olympios’ Attorney Says Her Team is Still Investigating “Bachelor in Paradise” Misconduct and They Have New Witnesses

Just hours after Warner Bros. announced that their internal investigation of “Bachelor in Paradise” misconduct, “does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member. Nor does the tape show, contrary to many press reports, that the safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.” The female cast member in question, Corinne Olympios, … Read more

Was This “Bachelor in Paradise” Fiasco a Scam to Get Viewers? If So, It Worked

Last Sunday night as I was watching TV with a friend, I was also browsing Twitter when I saw the headline about “Bachelor in Paradise” production being shut down. I immediately read the tweet aloud, to which my friend replied, “yeah, right! That’s just for viewers.” And now that the show is resuming production, I … Read more

“Bachelor In Paradise” Investigation Has Turned Up No Evidence Of Misconduct; Production to Resume

After officially shutting down production on June 11 and sending the entire cast of “Bachelor in Paradise,” home, Warner Bros. has completed its investigation and found no evidence of misconduct. WB Statement: As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ in Mexico. We … Read more

Corinne Olympios Was Spotted on a Date This Weekend, So We Have Even More Questions

Amid all the allegations, rumors and statements, Corinne Olympios is still… going on lunch outings with her boyfriend. Yes, her boyfriend, which has us wondering– why was she appearing on “Bachelor in Paradise” anyway? Corinne originally got her first few minutes of fame by being the most hated contestant on Nick Viall’s season of “The … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Contestant Says Corinne Olympios is “Not a Victim”

After nearly a week of speculation, rumors and statements, a contestant that was actually on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise” is speaking out and her story is a little different than what we’ve heard so far. In a statement to “Entertainment Tonight,” Jasmine Goode is proclaiming that Corinne Olympios is not a victim and … Read more

Seriously, What Is Going On With DeMario Jackson’s Twitter?

If you were to ask me what the deal is with any person on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” I would have said, “First of all, Seinfeld, get a new question. Second, I literally have no ideas. None. Zero thoughts.” But, now that I have seen DeMario Jackson’s Twitter, I can’t stop thinking about it. … Read more

Chad Johnson Said “Bachelor in Paradise” Producers Would Never Let Something Really Bad Happen

Chad Johnson was probably the most awful guy to ever be offered a spot on “The Bachelorette.” His attempts to win JoJo Fletcher’s heart were not met with much love from the lady of the house or his fellow contestants. His time on “Bachelor in Paradise” last season was even worse– he was super rude, … Read more

DeMario Jackson Issued His Own Statement About “Bachelor in Paradise”

After production was halted on the set of “Bachelor in Paradise,” all eyes were on DeMario Jackson and his alleged behavior towards Corinne Olympios. And after Chris Harrison and Olympios released statements on their view of events, Jackson has his own. Jackson’s statement to People, was brief: It’s unfortunate that my character and family name … Read more

Corinne Olympios Released a Statement, Re: “Bachelor in Paradise”

On Wednesday, June 14, Corinne Olympios released a statement regarding the “misconduct” on “Bachelor in Paradise,” that caused production of the show to shut down Corinne released the statement to US Weekly and has hired lawyers: I am a victim and have spent the last week trying to make sense of what happened on June … Read more

“Bachelor in Paradise” Crew Member Gave a Detailed, Horrifying Account of What Happened to Cause Production to Shutdown

According to the Daily Mail, a “Bachelor in Paradise” crew member witnessed the encounter between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios that caused production of the show to come to an immediate end. Because this is graphic in nature, we’re posting the statement with no edits or opinions: Corinne and Demario found out when they arrived … Read more

9 Tweets from Former “Bachelor/ette” Cast Members That Offer Absolutely No Insight Into The “Bachelor in Paradise” Situation

Right now, the Internet is abuzz with exactly what happened while filming “Bachelor in Paradise.” Chris Harrison released a lengthy statement with no information, so naturally, we went scouring Twitter hoping a former cast member of the franchise would’ve spilled the tea. They didn’t. 9 Tweets from Former “Bachelor/ette” Cast Members That Offer Absolutely No … Read more

Chris Harrison Speaks Out About “Bachelor in Paradise” Misconduct

Chris Harrison has been the host of “The Bachelor” and all of its spin-offs since 2002. He’s seen a lot of relationships come and go, but the most scandal to strike “Bachelor in Paradise” has left him with a lot of questions. Harrison has released a statement on the situation, which ends with a sincere … Read more