Yeah, You Definitely Live Up To These Summer Beach Stereotypes

Summertime is beach time and while we may all travel to different oceans, islands, and resorts, there are certain things everyone does. There is always a white/khaki family picture, the guy who reads in the shade all day, the person who always gets sunburnt, and the person who would rather just stay in the pool. … Read more

10 Best Southern Destinations for Your Summer Vacation

Summer is the perfect time for vacation. the kids are out of school, work slows down, and every person feels the pull to get out of town. But, air travel is looking particularly sketchy and most of the standard places you visit are starting to get tired. It’s time for someplace new, a place at … Read more

8 Books You Definitely Don’t Want to Read on Your Beach Vacation

So, you’re headed on to the beach and you’ve asked all of your friends what book to take a long for a light-hearted read. Right? Well, don’t read these. 8 Books You Definitely Don’t Want to Read on Your Beach Vacation: 1. “Dubliners” Arguably, this book is the most depressing book from a serverely depressed … Read more

9 Beloved Beach Movies That Are Currently Streaming and Worth Watching Again and Again

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5 Reasons Why We Love Carolina Country Music Fest

Music festival season is the unofficial fifth season of the United States. From Austin City Limits, to Coachella, to Lollapalooza, we, as Americans, love the experience of all of our favorite things — music, fun, food, beer and friends — being in one compact place. It’s basically like a weekend booze-filled summer camp for adults. … Read more

6 Beach Essentials From Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini is a smart girl. She surrounds herself with smart people and anytime we’ve asked her for advice, it’s been good. Since it is basically summer and totally time to be heading to the beach, we asked her what her beach essentials are, because Kelsea loves a good beach trip and if she tells … Read more

15 Types of Vacationers Everyone Will Recognize

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15 Beaches that will Make You Forget It’s Winter (at Least for a Second)

Winter is rough and being all but forced to stay inside for fear of freezing to death is no way to live. However, unless you live in the southernmost part of the country, winter is an inevitable truth for us all. While you’re counting down the days until Day Light Savings, which could arguably be a holiday … Read more

7 Reasons You Should go to the Beach This Weekend

Do you like putting on sunscreen every two minutes? Do you like getting stung by jellyfish? Do you like large men from Europe who wear very little clothing? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you…probably need to see a doctor. If you answered “no,” you’re in the right place and you probably just … Read more