Cattle Rancher Sings His Way Onto #TeamAlicia with Powerful Rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

A cattle rancher from Texas choosing to be on Team Alicia may seem a little out of left field — but in all reality, it makes perfect sense. Immediately after Josh Halverson stepped onto “The Voice” stage, he struck me as having an overwhelming amount of star potential. Although it took Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton … Read more

Miley Cyrus Singing Bob Dylan’s “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You” Will Give You Serious Goose Bumps

Ever since signing on for season 11 of “The Voice,” Miley Cyrus has somewhat reverted back to her country roots — and I’m loving it. On her most recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” the 23-year-old actress, singer and philanthropist performed an absolutely stunning rendition of Bob Dylan‘s “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You.” … Read more

25 Hilariously Misquoted Song Lyrics

Sometimes a song can sound abstract, purposefully rendering it indecipherable. Of course, it’s not always the song that’s at fault, rather, it’s the listener who conjures up wild variants of what’s actually being said. With that in mind, here are some famously misheard lyrics that are far more entertaining than the originals. 25 Hilariously Misquoted … Read more

Bob Dylan (Jimmy Fallon) Sings “Hotline Bling”

Thanks to incredible lighting, advanced technology and the insane talent of talk show host Jimmy Fallon, we actually believed that Bob Dylan was singing “Hotline Bling” for a second. Like, we know Bob doesn’t look or sound the same as he did 20 years ago, but the believability (both sight and sound) of Jimmy’s Bob Dylan … Read more

Blake Shelton Covers Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”

Blake Shelton’s voice is about to hit the big screen. Blake covered Bob Dylan’s insightful and familiar, “Forever Young.” Dylan originally released the song in 1974, but dozens of artists have recorded it in the past. Some fans will remember the song from the opening of NBC’s “Parenthood.” Gwen Sebastian, Blake and Miranda Lambert‘s favorite … Read more

19 Cover Songs Every Man Should Listen To

Originally, cover songs often carried a negative connotation — they were seen as a less talented and successful act of “stealing” the superior work of the original. Today, it’s the ability to sing a song that is predictable enough to trigger fond memories, yet unexpected enough to rattle the senses and create a new level … Read more

3 Country Pie Recipes (Inspired by Bob Dylan’s “Country Pie”)

The English language is packed full of double entendres. Word geeks like me can take the most simple of phrases and twist it and turn it into something totally off from what the writer intended. We can’t help ourselves. However, there are times like in the ole inductive reasoning expression, “If it looks like a duck, … Read more