Kelly Clarkson Gets a Surprise From Husband During Emotional Performance of “Piece By Piece” [Watch]

Kelly Clarkson surprised by Husband Brandon Blackstock on Meaning of Life Tour

Kelly Clarkson has performed her song “Piece by Piece” over and over in concert and the song also gets the pop star emotional. But this one performance during her Meaning of Life Tour took on special meaning when Kelly’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, came out on stage to surprise his wife. As Kelly sings the song … Read more

Brandon Blackstock Edited Together Some Slow-Mo, Awkward Video Clips Together for Kelly Clarkson’s Birthday and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Kelly Clarkson has always seemed like a down-to-earth celebrity. You know, one of those celebrities who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Apparently, Kelly’s husband, Brandon Blackstock, and her team feel the same way. So, for Kelly’s birthday they edited together a bunch of awkward video clips of Kelly, put them to music and slowed them down. … Read more

Kelly Clarkson Loves How Sexy Her Husband Makes Her Feel When He ‘Gooses’ Her in Public

Kelly Clarkson’s new studio album, The Meaning of Life, drops on October 27 and for her the music was inspired by her husband, Brandon Blackstock, who makes her feel super sexy. Kelly told “Entertainment Tonight,” “He makes me feel so sexy. I already am a confident woman — I don’t think that’s a secret. But … Read more