Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Opens Up On Heartbreaking Miscarriage

caroline bryan miscarriage

It’s jarring to realize the number of women in country music who have suffered miscarriages. Carrie Underwood revealed that she had three miscarriages before conceiving her second son, Jacob Bryan Fisher, who arrived in late January. Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott also suffered a miscarriage before delivering twin girls, and Jana Kramer, and Rose Falcon also … Read more

Luke Bryan Sends Sweet Message to “The Love of My Life” on Her Birthday

Luke Bryan Caroline Bryan happy birthday message

Being born on New Year’s Eve could have it’s drawbacks, but when you’re married to Luke Bryan, you’ll get the recognition you deserve. As Caroline celebrates her birthday on the day we all celebrate a new year, Luke shared a sweet message to his bride of 12 years. In a post on Instagram, Luke shared … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline, Makes Christmas Un-BEAR-able

Luke Bryan Caroline Bryan Christmas bear

Every family has their own unique seasonal traditions, but Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline’s tradition of pranks could make an elf less jolly and more jumpy, especially when the toys actually do come to life. And that seemed to be what was happening when Caroline surprised her sister-in-law, Ellen, with a toy for her baby … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Proves to Be An Expert at Practical Jokes

Luke Bryan Caroline air horn family prannks

Luke Bryan’s family celebrates the holidays a little differently from most. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, Luke’s wife, Caroline, enjoys playing pranks on her family for 12 days. In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Caroline shares her stealth-like nature with the use of her new favorite item: the air horn. “The … Read more

Luke Bryan Pulls Off Hilarious Prank on Wife Caroline with Fake Blood

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline ketchup prank

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are relationship goals for most people. The couple likes to share special moments of their life and family on social media and from the outside looking in, they are having some fun times. So when Luke decided to play a prank on his wife, Caroline, with a little blood, … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline, Shares Wedding Photos and More to Celebrate 12th Anniversary

Luke Bryan Caroline Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline who celebrated 12 years of wedded bliss. Caroline took to Instagram to share a sweet message to her hubby along with 7 photos from their wedding and some fun times throughout their marriage. “Happy 12th to my handsome, noble stead. No matter what the silly argument … Read more

Luke Bryan Fondly Looks Back on Early Days of Marriage— “We Had Some Fun Times”

Luke Bryan wife Caroline marriage

As the holiday season is upon us, Luke Bryan stopped by “Pickler & Ben” to spread some cheer. The ‘Whatever Makes you Country” singer sat down with hosts Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron to share some fond memories of his relationship with wife Caroline, with whom he shares two sons, Tate and Bo. After revealing … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Mom, LeClaire Bryan, Hilariously Supports Georgia Bulldogs and We Can’t Get Enough

Luke Bryan mother Georgia bulldogs

Luke Bryan’s mom, LeClaire Bryan, is good for a laugh or two. The Georgia native has been scared by geese, done splits on the beach and attempted to ride a bike with hilarious results. We just can’t get enough. Now, Luke’s mom is getting into the fighting spirit, standing behind the Georgia Bulldogs. Decked out … Read more

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline Riding an Inflatable Shark is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Luke Bryan Caroline inflatable shark

Luke Bryan and wife Caroline’s youngest son Tate celebrated his 8th birthday with a backyard party and mom and dad joined in the fun. The youngest Bryan had his very own slip n slide set up for his friends. But it was Luke and Caroline who took a turn on the massive slide. In a … Read more

[Watch] Luke Bryan’s Wife and Kids Reaction to Running Out of Gas on a Road Trip is How We All Would React

Luke Bryan Caroline Bryan road trip

Luke Bryan may be an internationally known country singer but even his vehicles run out of gas if he forgets to fill them up. This is exactly what happened recently when Luke was in the car with his family and his wife, Caroline, shared a short video clip to her personal Instagram page where it was … Read more

Luke Bryan’s Mom Tried to Do the Splits in a Swimsuit and a Family Vacation Has Never Been Funnier

LeClaire Bryan Luke Bryan mom doing split

It must run in the family. We know their sense of humor does. Luke Bryan and his mom, LeClaire, had a few mishaps on the beach while enjoying a little downtime on a family vacation. Lucky for us, Luke’s wife, Caroline, caught it all on camera. While on the beach, Caroline catches LeClaire trying to … Read more