You Could Own George Strait’s Bentley For a Cool $159,000

Concert t-shirts and signed posters are fine for the average fan, but true fans want something a little bit extra, like, I dunno, a car once owned by the King, George Strait. Hm, I always imagined George riding a horse around town. Strait’s neighbor currently owns the used 2012 Bentley Continental GTC, which he purchased … Read more

8 Easy Home Car Repairs That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars

We are often afraid to do very simple repairs on our cars because we think we might mess something up. So, to make sure we don’t, we pay someone a lot of money to maybe mess it up. Dealerships and repair shops know we are either afraid to try easy repairs and/or that we have … Read more

The Guy Who Builds the Cars for “Fast & Furious” Explains Every Car in the Series

“The Fast & Furious” is so old that it can legally drive in the United States. When it debuted in 2001, Brad Paisley had just been nominated for Best New Artist at the GRAMMYs. And yet, the series still grows. The popularity of this series has only increased. Most of the cast is old enough … Read more

Check Out Brad Paisley’s $1.74 Million Chevy Corvette Inspired Tour Bus

Brad Paisley really like guitars and cars. He loves Chevrolet Corvettes so much he designed his tour bus to reflect one. Paisley customized his 2012 Prevost as a tribute to a 1958 Corvette and he told Jay Leno all about it. The bus features classic Corvette branding inside and out. The interior lighting was designed … Read more

Brad Paisley Burns Out In A Camaro With Jay Leno After He Finally Remembered to Put the Car in Gear

Brad Paisley joined former late night host and renowned car enthusiast Jay Leno for a joyride in a beefed-up Camero. The car had been outfitted with a line lock which as Leno explains in the video, allows you to burn out the car really easily. Paisley forgot one minor detail, however. He didn’t put the … Read more

See 100 Years of Car Evolution in Just Over 3 Minutes

Over the past 100 years, the world has changed drastically. Not only have we become a largely media, technology and social media-based society, but the vehicles we use to move through our day-to-day life has consistently been altered and improved. The invention of the first notable and successful motor-powered vehicle came about in 1908 when … Read more

Hunter Hayes Kind of Drives Like a Grandmother (Even In a Maserati)

Hunter Hayes isn’t exactly a “play it safe” type of guy. He’s been dabbling in all types of new ways to connect with fans and release new music for a while now, but maybe music is the only thing he’s risky about. During a recent trip to Florida, Hunter got behind the wheel of a … Read more

20 Epic Car Chase Scenes in Movies

Ever since the movie business was born, car chases have been putting the motion in motion pictures. But the last 40 years have been particularly fruitful in developing the art of on-screen motorized mayhem. With that being said, here are 20 of the most epic car chase scenes. 20 Epic Car Chase Scenes in Movies: … Read more

13 Things Every Man Should Know About Their Car (or Truck)

There are certain things every man should know about his vehicle — and not for the sake of simply being a man, but rather for self-reliance.  Is this list going to teach you how to rebuild your engine? Not quite. But it’s a start.

13 Things Every Man Should Know About Their Car (or Truck):

1. Read the Manual

You don’t have to be certified mechanic in order to learn a few little things that can save you time and, more importantly– money. You’ll be surprised at how many things you can do yourself if simply open up your owner’s manual and see what’s inside.

2. Change a Tire

Having roadside assistance is great when you get a flat, in a thunderstorm, on the way to your best friend’s wedding. Changing a tire is pretty simple, provided you’re prepared to exert a little effort.

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