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Album Review: Chase Rice’s ‘Ignite The Night’ Mixes Emotion & Groovy Beats

It’s hard to pinpoint the definition of ‘country’ these days. The lines between Top 40 radio and terrestrial country blurred quite a few years ago. So, when you sit down and listen to Chase Rice’s debut LP Ignite The Night, you can witness what the future of the format could very well entail. As is … Read more

Playlist: 10 Bro-Country Songs For Summer

With the final traces of winter air slowly dissipating, we are just itching to finally roll down our windows and rock out to our favorite anthems. Whether it is Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line or Jake Owen, there are plenty of songs to dig our ears into to break that cabin fever. Tropical getaways, ice … Read more

5Male Country Music Stars on the Rise

Country music has been around for decades – yet the genre of music continues to be one of the most popular ones in the world. As Generation Y grows up, more and more people are listening to country music, and more and more young country music singers are on the rise. Learn more about these … Read more