Roseanne Barr Thinks Reba is A Bad Colonel Sanders, She Has Never Been More Wrong

Kentucky Fried Chicken has thrown a wrench into the celebrity spokesperson model by having a series of celebs wear the Colonel’s white suit and goatee. They nearly broke the internet when they hired Reba McEntire to step into the white combover. But now, there is a challenger to Reba’s chicken supremacy: Roseanne Barr. Roseanne not only … Read more

KFC Named Reba McEntire Its First Ever Female Colonel Sanders and It’s Everything

Whoever said a woman can’t fill a man’s shoes never met Reba McEntire. Country’s most famous redhead became the first-ever female to portray Colonel Sanders when she accepted the role in latest KFC Commercial for Smoky Mountain BBQ. Reba, clad in the Colonel’s white suit, signature white hair and mustache, adds a little country music … Read more