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17 Adorable Country Couples on the ACM Awards Red (Gray) Carpet

Couples red carpet ACM Awards fashion

It’s one thing to see your favorite stars on the red carpet, but when they are coupled with the person they love, it makes them shine even brighter. As the 54th Annual ACM Awards got underway, some of country’s top stars brought along their significant others to strut their stuff on the red…or gray…carpet. Carrie … Read more

Thomas Rhett Has Precious Reunion With Wife Lauren

Being away from the one you love is never easy. Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins hadn’t seen each other in a month. Yep, a month. We’ve been watching as the couple posted sweet posts detailing how much they longed to see one another. Lauren posted the below picture of the couple with a … Read more

Couples Try to Describe Each Other to a Police Sketch Artist with Hilarious Results

How well do you know your significant other’s face? Sure, you know what they look like, but could you describe their face to a police sketch artist? What shape is it? What kind of nose do they have? It’s pretty tough! We think of faces as wholes, not individual parts. Knowing their face is one … Read more

Faith Hill Offers Sexy and Sweet Birthday Message to Tim McGraw

Happy birthday, Tim McGraw! Faith Hill has shared a sweet and sexy post to honor her husband’s 50th birthday. “Never better baby!” Faith wrote. “Happy 50th Birthday my love. This world is a better place because of you. I know you are having one of the best days of your life!” And then she shared … Read more

RaeLynn Reunites With Her Husband, and I’m Over Here Bawling

On Feb. 13, 2017, RaeLynn said goodbye to her husband, Josh Davis, as he went off to basic training. More than two months later, they spent the weekend eating “Burgers, Hot Cheetos, Pound Cake” and drinking a ton of Starbucks. RaeLynn shared photos from their reunion. “Some people look up to their heroes,” RaeLynn wrote … Read more

14 Secrets To Lasting Marriage From Couples Who Know What It Takes

There’s a couple from my hometown who have been married for over 30 years. They were high school sweethearts who married and raised four kids, yet through the years they’ve always seemed so in love, laughing together, holding hands, and sharing the most hilarious throwback photos of their younger years together. Their marriage is the … Read more

This Couple Dressed Each Other For A Week And Only Kind Of Hated It

What would happen if you and your significant other had to dress each other for a week? Would there be tears? Yelling? Maybe marriage counseling involved? This young couple was asked to do exactly that, and the results weren’t entirely objectionable. Pants were worn, dates were gone on, and they ultimately managed to work it … Read more

6 Country Music Couples Who Met on the Job

When you live in a studio, on a stage and in a bus, it’s hard to meet people. So it only makes sense that country singers meet their spouses on the job. They might be fellow artists or even interns, but being drawn to the same profession seems to the first step to marital bliss … Read more