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Jana Kramer Shares Husband Mike’s Dad…or Dog Hack For Cleaning Babies [Watch]

Jana Kramer Husband Mike's dad dog hack

Jana Kramer isn’t one to shy away from sharing her real life on social media, regardless of what trolls, haters, and other judgmental types say. Maybe it’s because she has plenty of supporters out there just like her, doing the best they can. She may have reset the bar, though, with a recent post she … Read more

16 Country Stars Share Sweet Sentiments About Dear Ol’ Dad This Father’s Day

Country Stars celebrate Father's day

This father’s day, we have these men to thank for giving us some of the most talented country singers on the planet. If not for them, folks like Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride and Kelsea Ballerini would not exist. Can you imagine life without them? Stars took to social media to share their love and thanks … Read more

Justin Moore Shares the Challenges of Being a Father and Touring Musician

Justin Moore with daughter

Justin Moore recently opened his home in Poyen, Arkansas, to Southern Living, where he discussed the joys of fatherhood ahead of Father’s Day. The “Kinda Don’t Care” singer met with the publication shortly after putting his kids to sleep and admits that this ritual is one of his favorite moments of the day. “What do … Read more

TV Dad Ray Romano Embarrasses His Real Son On TV, Is Father Of The Year

Look fellas, if Mom ain’t happy, no one is happy. Ray Romano knows that. Heck, he built a whole show around it. But the man also practices what he preaches and his wife wants grandchildren. So what should he do, since his boys are dragging their feet? Like any good father he decided to embarrass … Read more

“World Of Dad Dance” Highlights The Majesty Of Dads Dancing (And WOW)

There are a couple of universally accepted Dad truths: they snore, they have a designated chair in the living room, and they love embarrassing their kids. The unspoken Dad-law is that fathers of teenagers cannot dance. Well, to be fair, they can “dance” but it’s like a penguin trying to fly –lots of fast walking … Read more

NPR Complied The Ultimate List Of Over 350 Dad Jokes, Children Across The World Respond, “Ugh, DAAAAD!”

The perfect Dad joke is not meant to be funny. Laughter is a happy but unnecessary byproduct. While they are clever combination of word play and situational comedy all rolled into a teachable moment, a Father has not delivered a good “Dad Joke” until everyone in the room groans and rolls their eyes. It is … Read more

Tim McGraw is Totally an Embarrassing Dad (According to His Daughters)

From the outside looking in, Tim McGraw seems like a pretty cool dad. He has over two dozen No. 1 hit singles, has sold millions of albums, wears jeans that fit and he’s been in movies with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. But, to his daughters– he’s still a pretty embarrassing dad.   Leaving NYC … Read more

7 Things Southern Girls Learn From Their Daddies

If you know anything about the South, you know that it is full of fierce, independent women. Southern mamas are full of wisdom and are not shy about passing down each and every tip, recipe and tradition they know to their off-spring. But, Southern daddies teach their children a lot, too. Especially their daughters. 7 Things … Read more