If You’re Wondering: Brett Eldredge and His Dad Are Actually Twins

Brett Eldredge is definitely a mama’s boy, according to Instagram, but if you’re wondering where his smoldering good looks and impeccable facial hair come from– that’s all dad. On Father’s Day, Brett shared a photo of his dad, Chris, with the world that if you weren’t paying enough attention, you might’ve thought Brett just got … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Ruined Father’s Day By Having Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

June is the month for Dads and grads. It is a month of celebration and happiness. It is also the perfect time to tell your Dad the worst thing you have ever done on live TV. Jimmy Kimmel asked kids about the worst thing they ever did while their fathers stood by silently. It’s many … Read more

7 Dad Quotes from Jimmy Fallon and Dads Everywhere

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Luke Bryan Says Untangling Fishing Line All Day is What Being a Dad is All About

Luke Bryan really loves Father’s Day and everything that comes along with it. Luke and Caroline Bryan are the proud parents of three boys and for Father’s Day truly loves spending the holiday doing the simple things with his boys like fishing. Luke says he ends up spending the day untangling fishing line all day, … Read more

5 Reasons I Still Ask My Dad for Advice (Even Though I’m an Adult)

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8 Perfect Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kind of Hip Dad

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Dad Photoshops Baby in Dangerous Situations and the Pics Will Make You Nervous

If you glance at one of Stephen Crowley’s Instagram photos, you might think he’s the worst dad ever, allowing his young daughter to get into some extremely dangerous situations, then snapping a photo of her, but really this Dublin-based photographer and designer is just a master with Photoshop who uses his talent to raise awareness … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini’s Dad Loves Telling This Embarrassing Story About Kelsea and the Britney Spears ‘Growl’

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