Dean Fearing’s Prime Cut Ribeye with West Texas “Mop” Sauce Recipe

Chef Dean Fearing is the king of drop-dead-delicious Texas cuisine. So, when he tells us something is good and we should cook it, we trust him. Recently, when we asked Dean what some of his favorite go-to recipes were, he graciously shared his recipe for his signature prime cut ribeye over live mesquite, topped with … Read more

Dean Fearing’s Deep in the Heart of Texas Backyard Barbeque Chicken Recipe

There’s nothing quite like the big, bold taste of Texas. Known for its spicy Tex-Mex, state fair-inspired treats and, of course, delicious, smoky barbeque, the great southern state is serving up some of the south’s tastiest, most renowned cuisine — and chef Dean Fearing, of Fearing’s Restaurant, has had a heavy hand in making Texas … Read more

5 Items World-Renown Chef Dean Fearing Always Has in His Pantry

Cooking is a tricky game. To get started it seems like you always have to have an over-abundance of items stocked away and ready at a moment’s notice. If not, you likely end up at the nearest grocery store between three and five times a week– depending on how many times a week you cook. … Read more