Brett Eldredge’s Workout Plan Includes Dog Edgar

Brett Eldredge workout regime

Brett Eldredge is gearing up for the second leg of his The Long Way Tour this fall. The trek kicks off Sept. 13 and in a recent interview with GQ, the country singer shares how he stays fit while on the road. Brett says he burns around 500 calories an hour while on stage every … Read more

Coconut Oil Is No More Healthy Than Butter Or Beef Fat

According to science, we have been duped, yet again, by a food trend. fitness gurus and Instagram models have been telling us that coconut oil is a superfood, a naturally occurring food that will serve you well as food, shampoo, medicine, and just about every other use you can imagine. The truth is that the … Read more

Men: Take Control Of Your Health During Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week, a week specifically focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues. I have no idea who designates these awareness weeks, but think this one can do some real good. Most men assume they will be fine, that if they don’t think about health issues none will come their way. … Read more

5 Free Things You Can Do That Feel Better Than a Massage

How can something feel better than a massage? Ask multiple people, and they’ll say that massages do wonders to help your body relax, recharge, and detox. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be? Massage can help improve blood flow and relax tight muscles, leading to better mental and physical health, but at … Read more

7 Best Taylor Swift Songs to Get Your Heart Rate Up and Your Workout Moving

Feel like your workout has lost some life? Wish there was something to motivate you on lazy days? Sometimes, even if you manage to make it off the couch, it can be hard to push for that last finishing point of your workout. For dark days like this, we found some of Taylor Swift’s quickest … Read more

3 Keys to Staying Fit (According to Thomas Rhett)

Country sensation Thomas Rhett is a lot of things — he’s talented, he’s a great performer, he’s good-looking, he’s an incredible husband and he’s super fit. Even when he’s out on the road, Thomas finds ways to workout, get his blood pumping and maintain the peak physical shape he’s in right now. In a recent … Read more