11 Eyebrow Hacks Everyone Needs To Know

Eyebrows are not exactly the most user-friendly of facial features. We overpluck, and we underpluck, leading to the dreaded unibrow. We try to color them in, fight them, and cajole them. Some of us even shave them off because who really wants to mess with the darn things in the first place? Fortunately, this brow … Read more

You Won’t Believe What Some Women are Doing to Obtain Perfect Eyebrows

These are not your mama‘s eyebrow tattoos. A new technique called Microblading is on the rise, and the results are surprisingly… nice. Microblading consists of using a small blade to deposit pigment under the skin in thin, individual hair strokes — Eeek! This gives the look of some pretty realistic looking hair, though, and it eliminates … Read more

5 Eyebrow Tweezing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Eyebrows are easily the most important feature on your face. Using them to frame your face and bring attention to your eyes is a really big beauty trend right now. While a full, defined pair of eyebrows is practically a beauty requirement, they somehow seem to be forgotten. We aren’t sure why this is except … Read more