[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 9: God And Country Music

A lot of country songs talk about God but they talk about Him very differently. Some folks want to get a beer with Jesus, some feel like they need to go back to church, while others think they are too far gone. We invited a pastor onto this week’s podcast to talk about how country … Read more

You Have to Hear Little Big Town Sing Backup Vocals for Ronnie Dunn During “Believe”

In the last few years, the phrase, “took me to church” or “let’s go to church” has been a familiar phrase at concerts. It has nothing to do with an actual church building or faith, but that of a moment so pure and so right it feels like a holy experience. It’s a little sacrilegious, … Read more

Ricky Skaggs and Steven Curtis Chapman Took the Opry to Church With Their Cover of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”

The Grand Ole Opry is hallowed ground for country musicians. It is the home of legends and giants of the genre and the goal of every struggling musician. But there is something beyond the Opry. Something better. Ricky Skaggs and Steven Curtis Chapman (sporting a Glen Campbell t-shirt under his blazer) took a moment to … Read more

The Highest Paid Football Player In History Plans On Giving Millions Away, “This Money Is Going To Help A Lot Of People” (And Eating Chick-Fil-A)

What would you do with $125 million? We all have certain splurge items we would buy– a house, a boat, a luxury car, or an island– that remain fantasies until we win the lottery. Derek Carr, the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders doesn’t have to wonder. He has just signed the most lucrative contract in … Read more

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Open Up About Adoption Journey and Finally Getting Willa Gray Home

Willa Gray Akins has finally made her way to Nashville and into the home of her parents, the childhood sweethearts, Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins. Though things are going smoothly and everyone is where they’re supposed to be, the new parents recently opened up to People, about just how hard the adoption process was on … Read more

Mr. T Reveals the Biblical Roots of His Famous Catchphrase, “I Pity The Fool”

Mr. T is a tough guy. He ain’t scared of Rocky Balboa and or the competition on “Dancing With the Stars.” So, I always assumed his catchphrase, “I pity the fool” was a threat. Don’t remember? Just watch the way he says it in “Rocky III.” Scary, right? But according to Mr. T, the phrase … Read more

You Gotta Hear Kelsea Ballerini Sing “Amazing Grace”

Before heading onto the stage for a recent show, Kelsea Ballerini found the sweetest spot in a hallway for one amazing a cappella version of “Amazing Grace.” The acoustics in the hallway give the tune an ethereal feel and the just-right lighting don’t hurt either. Somehow, Kelsea is the only one in the spotlight, though … Read more

Kenny Chesney Fell in Love With Music When He First Heard a Three-Part Harmony in Church

Some people fall in love with country music because of three chords and the truth. Kenny Chesney fell in love with music when he heard his first three-part harmony in church. Kenny recently discussed his earliest music memories and how it became such an anchor in his life, “When I was a kid, music had … Read more

Tim McGraw Talks God, “The Shack” and Heaven

Tim McGraw is an A-list celebrity with a superstar wife and three beautiful daughters, but even he knows it’s his faith that’s given him the strong foundation to do what he does so well. Tim is currently starring in “The Shack” with Octavia Spencer and was ultimately led to the movie after his wife, Faith … Read more

Chris Tomlin’s New Video for “Home” Is a Glimpse of Hope Beyond Today

If you’re pretty over the daily toils and trouble of today. If turning on the news literally makes you sick to your stomach, take a few minutes and ponder over Chris Tomlin‘s new video for “Home.” “I just love the power of the word home and when I’m speaking of eternal life, I want to … Read more