Tailgate Recipes: Morning Edition

It’s football season and the living is right. Headed to an early morning tailgate for one of those brutal 11:21 kickoff times? We’ve compiled the best tailgate recipes for those early gamedays. These treats are sure to please and provide some nutrition (carbs) for the day. Remember– never show up empty-handed to a tailgate. Plus, … Read more

Why the Best Football Players Come from the South

For the last decade multiple SEC teams have raised the crystal trophy following a championship football season. The reason for this? They have the best players, of course. Rosters full of elite Southern-bred players have consistently been victorious on college football’s highest level before natural progression leads them to the NFL. Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, … Read more

Manning Brothers Releasing a Rap Album?

If you grew up following SEC football at all, you’re very familiar with the South’s most well-liked family, the Manning family— mostly Archie, Peyton and Eli. In recent years Peyton and Eli have stolen the hearts of just about everyone with their super wholesome, talented and winning ways (plus, they’re really funny game faces). It’s … Read more

Carrie Underwood is Waitin’ All Day on Sunday Night

It’s no secret that we love Carrie Underwood and football around here. Which is why we were scouring the Internet for the behind the scenes video of Carrie’s new song “Sunday Night Football,” and per the usual, she’s fantastic and looks fantastic. Plus, there are some real good looking players in it, too. Underwood grew up in … Read more