20 Chivalrous Acts That Will Never Get Old, But Seem to Be Forgotten

Chivalry. It’s a word and a practice. So if there is one thing every man should learn, it’s how to be chivalrous. These acts of chivalry that — while a bit old-fashioned — are just as relevant today as they were one-hundred years ago. 20 Chivalrous Acts That Will Never Get Old: 1. Holding the … Read more

14 Key Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman

There was a time when qualifying as a gentleman came down to little more than having right schooling and a good, firm handshake. But in today’s complex world of social media, hi-tech gadgetry and endlessly fluctuating trends, the modern man can be somewhat bewildered about what standards of gentleman behavior are required. 14 Key Rules … Read more

10 Things That Don’t Make a Man a Gentleman

The “gentleman” persona is holistic. There is something deeper than being a gentleman than the clothes you wear or the car you drive. Being a gentleman originates from a strong inner character. A gentleman is honest, has integrity, and has a strong acceptance of himself. There is no need to put on an act — … Read more

5 Things You Can Learn About a Man By Watching How He Treats His Mama

It’s been said that you can learn a lot about how a guy will treat you by watching the way he treats his Mama. When I met my husband over 9 years ago, I felt like I’d won the lottery, but with that lottery-winning-feeling came the feeling that maybe it was all too good to be … Read more