Joanna Gaines Trying to Do A Back Walkover is Priceless [Watch]

Joanna Gaines back walkover gymnastics attempt

There are so many things that Joanna Gaines can do that any mere mortal can’t. But a back walkover is not one of them. In a post on Instagram, Joanna shared a video of  her daughters gymnastics class running through a round off and backflip. Nothing unusual about that—a parent showing the talents of their … Read more

James Corden Tries Out His Son’s Gymnastics Class And We Can’t Stop Laughing

It is a terrifying thing to sign your child up for sports. Of course they need the physical outlet, the space to make friends, and to try new things, but as a parent, we have a lot of concerns. Are we picking the right sport? Will they enjoy it? How can we make sure they … Read more

Simone Biles Nailed the Tango During Her First Night on “Dancing With the Stars”

Simone Biles may be the greatest female gymnast of all-time, but heading into her time on “Dancing With the Stars,” she has a lot to prove. Mainly, she wants to do just as well as her #FinalFive teammate and DWTS champion, Laurie Hernandez. Biles had a little trouble during rehearsals and was very giggly, but … Read more