How To Quickly Clean Your Mattress So You Can Sleep Like A Baby

There are some things in life that I like to ignore, because ignorance truly is bliss. But unfortunately (and fortunately), I’m no longer ignorant to the truth about my mattress. What truth, you ask? Oh, just that it’s basically a sitting cesspool for your dead skin cells and sweat, no big deal. But seriously, if … Read more

7 Recipes To Make Using Only Your Waffle Iron

If you’re like me, the waffle iron was probably one of the first cooking appliances you were allowed to use by yourself as a kid. You’d (messily) whip up the batter and (again, messily) pour it onto the hot waffle iron, shutting the lid so tight that the batter oozed out the sides (sorry, mom). … Read more

Make Sure Your Traveling Bottles Never Leak Again

The last thing anyone needs after collecting their luggage is finding out their shampoo leaked all over their clothes. Traveling is tricky enough without having to worry about their cosmetic bottle pressurizing at thirty thousand feet. Thanks to twitter user JaidenAnimations there is an easy solution, one so simple you will wonder why you didn’t … Read more

Fool-Proof Way to Keep Dirt From Getting Up Under Your Fingernails in the Garden

There are countless benefits of growing a garden in your own home, backyard or greenhouse. Besides the fresh fruits, veggies and flowers you get to reap, gardens are also a huge stress relief, they allow you to control what goes into your food and they’re super cost effective. But, one thing that most people don’t … Read more