Shania Twain Loves Nick Jonas and Can’t Wait to Hear Taylor Swift’s New Album

Shania Twain changed the game in the ’90s when she became an absolute worldwide country music superstar. Then, she did it again in 2002 when she released Up!, the 11-time Platinum album that revolutionized country-pop-rock forever. And as she releases her first album since that phenomenon, Twain shared with E! that she’s got pretty eclectic … Read more

6 More Haim Covers Worth Hearing

If we’re being honest here, which we are– I’ve always kind of thought of Haim as these sisters who pal around with Taylor Swift and always look like their electricity went out in the middle of getting ready. The Sisters released an album in 2013 and opened up for Swift on a bunch of her … Read more

Haim’s Cover of Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” is Almost Too Good to Be True

The Haim sisters know what’s up. During a recent radio interview with the Australian show, Triple J, the sisters announced that, “if you want to date any of us, you have to be a Shania Twain fan.” I love women that won’t lower their standards. Haim also took a moment during the show to cover … Read more